“Krista is hands down the best revenue leader I've worked with." 

- Bogdan Constantin, Founder & CEO at Voxie 

What people are saying

Bogdan Constantin- Voxie

Krista is hands down the best revenue leader I've worked with. Her processes were readily scalable and she was able to come in and help us move the needle almost instantly by helping us dramatically improve what we were already doing. The best compliment I can pay someone like Krista is that they came in and as a CEO helped make my life easier - hands down Krista did that. I would work with her anytime in the future and if you're looking to build a repeatable sales engine - there's no better person than Krista to work with!

Bogdan Constantin

Founder & CEO at Voxie

Jim Bodwell

A true leader with an outstanding ability to communicate. When she walks in the room there is a plan of action that has been carefully thought out which always caters to your company goals. This was by far the easiest “consultant” partnership I’ve ever been a part of. Those communication skills broke down any potential barriers within our very first meeting. Krista’s drive enables others to raise the bar; she fosters a winning environment that shapes an organization. She significantly helped me build a Sales Development just as COVID-19 changed how we all do business. We never skipped a beat and she never allowed excuses to deter us from our 2020 goals. I’d work with Krista again in a heartbeat.

Jim Bodwell

Director of Business Development at Momentum Telecom

Josh Rhodes - Gravy

Krista is a brilliant sales leader. She understands the whole picture and is great at optimizing the sales process. She can train, strategize and analyze with the best of them.

Josh Rhodes

Chief Revenue Officer at Gravy

Tori Barlow - Allbound

I was introduced to Krista a few months ago and since our first meeting she has dramatically influenced the way Allbound thinks about Inbound marketing. Specifically, she has empowered our team to rethink marketing operations processes from marketing lead to first demo and our opportunity qualification process. Krista's processes have bridged several gaps between marketing and sales and have also uncovered several opportunities for our organization that have made us better. She is supportive, thoughtful, detailed, determined, a great listener, and a great advocate for marketing.

Tori Barlow

Director of Marketing at Allbound


I can't say enough good things about Krista. Here are a few things I think she’s the best at:

  1. Setting up a repeatable sales system - people, technology, process.  This was done with a very data driven approach and constant attention to detail.
  2. Coaching for improvement.  People love working with Krista because they make a lot of money because they skill up very rapidly.  She engenders loyalty, hard work and a competitive spirit that you see in a lot of healthy teams. 
  3. Transparency - great sales leaders are not only clear with their numbers, but also in the reasons behind the numbers.  Her numbers are always available on a real time basis and help us to immediately make decisions.

Daniel Graff-Radford

CEO of Allbound

Sandeep Ahuja-headshot

I have really enjoyed working with Krista as we scale cove.tool. She is extremely well informed, organized and goes deep into the weeds while keeping the big picture in mind. She helped me and my team to build out a scalable sales process and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sandeep Ahuja

Co-founder and CEO at Cove Tool


Krista helped us clarify our go to market messaging so we could turn that into an actionable go to market strategy and plan.  She then transitioned to focus on putting measurements in place, building a staffing model, assessing the current team and helping us hire additional members that were needed to meet our growth objectives. Krista also coached our leadership team to better performance which directly impacted win rates and overall outcome.  In retrospect, Krista was one of the best investments we made as we scaled our business.

Wain Kellum

CEO of Serraview


11/10 would work with Krista again, and hope to. I was tasked with building out a sales organization from the ground up for my company. Krista brought deep experience in sales and sales leadership -- not only creating the foundational process, templates, and assets the team needed, but also coaching me along the way on how I could grow as a stronger sales leader. We would be miles behind where we are now if we had not been able to rely on her. Krista always listens and brings a problem-solving approach, and we had a lot of fun along the way.

Hana Elliott

Head of Revenue at Civic Dinners


I love working closely with clients to solve problems and have a number of excellent relationships that started during the sales process. However, I will be the first to admit that I lack an intimate understanding of what it takes to be a great sales leader. I call Krista my Sales Therapist (although I think she prefers Sales Whisperer), because she is the first person to put sales into terms that I can understand. I would give Krista my highest recommendation. She has fundamentally changed our business, has been a pleasure to work with, and continues to demystify the sales process for this engineering-focused CEO.

Chip Ramsey

CEO at Intellum

Todd Zittrouer

While looking to build out an inside sales team, Krista was referred to me. We were looking for an experienced resource that could come in and quickly enhance the productivity of the current team, put the necessary processes in place to build a team that would grow our pipeline, and expand rapidly along with the rest of the organization. After building up and training the internal team, Krista helped our SDR-sourced pipeline exceed $1M annualized in the first three months and increased the average productivity per rep by 286% QoQ. The team has already closed five deals from that pipeline as well. I highly recommend Krista to any rapid growth organization. Her energy is contagious, and her drive to improve the team and results was evident on day one.

Todd Zittrouer

CEO of Momentum Telecom


Krista has made a profound impact at LBA Ware by aligning our sales and corporate goals. She jumped in immediately and had positive influence on our team to put new processes in place & drive amazing outcomes in our last quarter. I'm thrilled to have her as part of our team and have found her insights invaluable to our growing organization.

Lori Brewer

Founder & CEO at LBA Ware


Krista is a complete consultant. She can speak with the same amount of influence and expertise with a C Suite as she can and does with new reps on their first day. Her 1:1 development is so valuable because of her ability to guide with the greater context in mind: Why an AE should do discovery a certain way, or how to build and scale an SDR team, or how VPs should build out comp plans based on the board or executive leaderships priorities in mind. Any sales org, or individual seller is immediately better for time spent with Krista.

Joel VanderPol

Director of Sales at Gravy

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